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Auction Myths

Auction Myths

There are all sorts of half-truths and myths that surround the auction method of selling property. These are often started by people who do not understand the auction method, or by agents who are unskilled in this area and unable to execute an effective auction campaign. 


In the following videos Harcourts The Property People's Business Owner, Garth Makowski, who is both an experienced and accredited Auctioneer, as well as having over 26 years of experience in the local Macarthur real estate market, gives you the inside knowledge and simple facts on selling your home via the auction method.

Auction Myth #1 - Your best buyers don't like and won't wait for the auction date


Auction Myth #2 - Your first offer is your best offer


Auction Myth #3 - Your best purchasers are the first people through your home


Auction Myth #4 - The auction method is reserved for expensive or unique properties


Auction Myth #5 - Auctions just don't work


Auction Myth #6 - Buyers don't like Auctions from fear of missing out.