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Tenant Information

Renting a Home

For most people, home is more than just a bed. Home is your "safe and comfortable place" where you can relax in your favourite chair and forget about the day's problems. 

When you rent a home in NSW and become a 'renter' or a 'tenant', knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid or resolve differences you may have with your landlord, real estate agent, house-mates or neighbours.

The Office of Fair Trading manages the laws that govern your rights and responsibilities as a renter and can give you information to help you understand what these laws mean for you.

It is illegal in NSW for landlords and real estate agents to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, marital status, disability, age and sexuality. If you think you have been discriminated against when looking to rent a residential property, contact Fair Trading, a Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service or the Anti-Discrimination Board.

Tenant Resources

The Office of Fair Trading provides numerous fact sheets and online resources to assist you with any tenancy related matters.


Below are the links to the Office of Fair Trading website to assist you when:


Starting a tenancy;


Are in a tenancy agreement;


Ending a tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Application Form

We understand that prospective tenants like to be organised with their documentation so that when they view the property that is right for them, the process between viewing and applying is streamlined.


Here is a list of items you will be required to provide at time of application:


- One (1) application for each adult who will be residing at the premises over the age of 18;


- Copy of Drivers License or passport (photo identification is required);

- Copy of bank card and Medicare card;

- Copy of most recent bank statements;

- Copy of payslip from current employer/s and/or Centrelink Entitlements printout. 

Please note, if you are self employed we require a letter from your accountant stating your earnings for the last financial year along with your Australian Tax Office tax return statement and recent bank statement.


- Copy of written letter from employer confirming employment status. This must include commencement date of employment, employed terms (full-time, part-time, casual), salary or hourly rate and number of hours worked each week.

- If you have rented previously or are currently renting, a copy of your rental ledger and periodic inspection reports must also be supplied.


Please find below our Residential Tenancy Application form for your perusal.


Harcourts Tenancy Application Form



* Tenancy applications cannot be submitted to our office without viewing the property prior;

* Tenancy applications cannot be submitted at the viewed property; they must be brought into the office along with copiesof required documents. Our office is not responsible for creating photocopies of your documentation.

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